The extraordinary artists from the underground music scene of Berlin will be on Ghetto stage with the corporation of Charm Music & Ghetto and the support of Radyo Eksen. Berlin underground music cabaret is coming to perpetuate you an unforgettable night. You will let the rhythm get you with hot-blooded beats, ethereal singing, surreal visuals and mesmerizing songs…
Among his countless projects were Kid & Khan (with Kid Congo Powers), Global Electronic Network/Khan & Walker and Legally Jammin. But he is best known as the co-founder of the decadent dance duo Captain Comatose who became the pioneers of electronic disco-trash with hits like "$100" and "Up In Flames".

Kid Congo Powers
Powers formed the band 'The Creeping Ritual' and performed with The Cramps before joining Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, for several albums and associated tours. Powers has also played with The Divine Horsemen, The Angels of Light, Die Haut and The Fall.

Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto
Alexander Hacke is known as the bass player of Einstürzende Neubauten and main figure in Fatih Akin’s movie “Crossing the Bridge”. Danielle de Picciotto was singer of the “Space Cowboys” and Gudrun Gut’s “Ocean Club” and is an icon in Berlin’s creative underground and co-founder of the Love Parade.

Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes was a founding member of Once Upon A Time and also of Hugo Race & The True Spirit. Since arriving in Europe in 1989 he has played and recorded with Nina Hagen, Mick Harvey, Nikki Sudden, Ralf Goldkind, Rowland S. Howard, and many others.

Julee Cruise
Cruise collaborated with Badalamenti and sang ‘Mysteries of Love’ for the score of David Lynch's Blue Velvet. Her debut album, Floating Into the Night became a favorite of such musicians as Tim Booth, lead singer of the band James, and Moby, who would go on to collaborate with Cruise on the unreleased track "Drown Disco". She also provided musical material for the soundtrack to Lynch's Twin Peaks.
28 June Tuesday 2011
Julee Cruise
Kid Congo powers
Alexander Hacke
Chris Hughes
Danielle De Picciotto